Frequently Asked Questions

Q :- You take reservations? Can I get a table for ____ at ____? Can I text/IM my reservations?

Ans:- Yes
we take reservations. You can text your reservation on company number 8856088554

Q :- You open on Dry Days?

Ans:- Yes
Restaurant is open for food only.

Q :- Do you have vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options?

Ans:- Yes

Q :- see gluten-free options on your menu but do you prepare them in separate containers? Do you have a separate gluten-free fryer?

Ans:- Yes

Q :- Can you accommodate groups of ____ (15, 20, 30 people)? Do you have a private room? Will you stay open a bit later for a large group?

Ans:- I Can accommodate groups of 15,20,30 on prior reservations,but wont be able to give one table for group more than 15 people.

Q :-Do you have a kids' menu?

Ans:- Not separate menu but can make few dishes for kids.

Q :- I'm coming to celebrate my ____, what special thing can you do for me? (anniversary, birthday, promotion)

Ans:- For special occasions we decorate the place on prior reservations only. plus we have separate packages for food and beverages.

Q :- I just got taken out from here and there's a mistake in my order. Can you fix it?

Ans:- Yes
if there is mistake in order we can resend it to your address immediately.

Q :- How late are you open today? How early do you open tomorrow?

Ans:- Late is 1a.m early is as per requirement for special occasions.

Q :- How much advance notice do you need to make ____ takeout ____? (30, cupcakes, 12 hamburgers, 25 pizzas)

Ans:- 70% of total bill amount and 24 hours notice.

Q :- Can we bring our own ____? (cake, wine) Is there a fee?

Ans:- Cake is allowed rest all outside alcoholic, non alcoholic beverage and food is prohibited

Q :- Can I get a copy of all the ____ varietals with some info about them? (coffee, wine, cheese)

Ans:- Yes

Q :- Are you handicap accessible? To wheelchairs too?

Ans:- Yes

Q :- Is there parking nearby?

Ans:- Yes